The Red Hill Sand Quarry was established in 2014 to meet a growing demand for sand products in the Pilbara Region.

Located within the Mundabullangana Pastorial Station and immediately adjacent the North West Coastal Highway, the quarry is easily accessible from both Karratha and Port Hedland.


The Red Hill Sand Quarry is located adjacent the North West Coastal Highway, approximately 80 kilometres south-west of Port Hedland and 135 kilometres east of Karratha

The neighbouring Whim Creek township is located a short 30 kilometres west of the quarry.

Red Hill Location

A printable map and directions to the quarry are located here


The following products are available from the Red Hill Sand Quarry

North West Quarries can service any size project in the north west. Project location and logistical issues can be easily overcome with the supply of all sand products conducted by a late model fleet of Kenworth trucks.

Volume / Quality

North West Quarries sand mining operations occur at two locations on site; the main sand dune and within a portion of the East Peawah River.

The site contains dune and river sand reserves exceeding 3.5 million tonnes that will be predominantly supplied to construction, civil and concrete projects in the Pilbara Region.

Extensive laboratory testing of the reserves revealed high quality sand products with NON PI (plasticity index) and 0% clay fine silts which makes it both suitable and highly desirable for civil, construction and concreting applications.